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    Clip length and editing




      I am new to After Effects and wanted to ask for some advice. I recently purchased a template from a designer where I simply drop clips into his work. It's quite easy to follow , even for someone who does not use this program at all.


      The only thing is that it seems to work when I copy an entire clip across from Premier Pro but not when I take a edited version across ( I have been copy and pasting from PP to AE). So in short let's say I drag the first person into the correct position - it will play. But if I try and edit that clip down to just a few seconds - it will not play.


      Does anyone have any idea's how to get the section of clip I want into the section the designer has provided? I tried making the section of clip last the same as the effect but no luck.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          This could be any number of limitations or bugs in the DynamicLink workflow or ona amore general level your overall workflow in Premiere already. In any case, copy&paste is usually not considered an ideal workflow and you'd do better if you render the individual snippets to separate files and then load them into AE. For anything beyond that we would realyl need to know a lot more. There could be any number of things going on here from bad timecode to the files being damaged/ truncated to specific issues with CoDecs across the programs...



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            Solarsailor Level 1

            Hi there,


            This sort of answers my question, Before I had read your reply I had indeed decided to Export the individual "snippits" then import them into AE. This to me though seems like a round about way of doing what I want considering not only is AE an editing program, the programs between themselves are designed to work in tandem. I would have thougth that with a program like AE I could also edit my clip inside that program (this could still be the case).


            I guess because it leaves the question. If I need a clip to occupy 5 seconds of the template but I import a 30 second clip - where is all that extra footage going or is it just in limbo weighing my system down?

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              While AE does have the ability to trim in & out points on clips, it's a really bad editing application.  It was never intended to be one.

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