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    How can I set a symbol to hide with a code in the symbol?


      Hmmm... I will try to explain this question:


      I have my main timeline. It is the homepage of my website. The subsites are symbols filled with content. They are 100% of my composition and should overlay over my homepage.


      So when I click on the menu buttons on my homepage I can set the symbols (subpages, they are turned off, hidden) on and they will show and play. For that I am using this code:






      This works perfectly.


      So I actually looking for the code I put on a kind of closebutton. The closebutton jumps to the fade out transition. Then should close the compositsion - set it to hide. I am back on my homepage where I left it.


      I tried to put




      on a script in the timeline but that doesnt work. So can anybody tell me the right code?


      I searched a lot but couldnt find a solution.


      Thanks a lot for help!!!!