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    How to turn on Autosave upon startup, Flash 8, Help!


      Ok so here's the rundown,


      Now before anyone says anything, I will not be considering nor planning to upgrade to newer versions of Flash because I am required to use Flash 8 at the moment.


      My computer is pretty out dated, and sometimes it tends to just shut off with out warning, if its not connected to the charger. And everynow and then I would have it unplugged by mistake, and I'd be working on an important Flash project. And next thing I know, the computer dies, and all my work in the past 4 hours is completely lost.


      So I installed an autosave plug in, and it works fine. BUT, the major problem is that I need to start the plug-in everytime I open Flash. With this flaw, the same thing would happen where my computer would die, because I always forget to start the autosave.


      Is there ANY way, to have the autosave start on its own or edit some kind of code or script to automatically start saving as soon as I open a project in Flash? I desperatley need something along those lines because I keep wasting some many countless hous everytime my computer shuts off.


      I know I could just be more careful and get into the habbit of pluging in the computer, or starting the autosave myself, by I've tried, and I keep forgetting.


      Any suggestions would be very much appreciated, thanks!


      - FacyPantsMan