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    Presales  - Java - missing manifest attribute for: http://.../CFIDE/classes/cfapplets.jar


      Good day everyone,


      We had an older version of Cold Fusion running but needed to deal with the problems brought forward with Java 7 update 51.


      We have the most current version with all the patches installed - Server 10 patch 13


      We keep getting the message noted above when we launch a grid - the same problems as before on the older release of Cold Fusion.


      This leads me to believe that these issues are still outstanding in the current release.


      I tried to sign the jar file i"cfapplets.jar" but when I looked at the manifest it said "do not touch it - you will break it" - i tried and I broke it so I put it back.


      Any help would be very much appreciated - this is a time sensitive matter.


      Thank you and,


      Cheers, JK