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    Project settings for GoPro 2.7k in PrE12


      Hi everybody,


      I know there are a few threads similar to my question already but I've read them and they aren't exactly getting at what I am trying to do.


      My goal is to shoot 2.7k GoPro video, adjust the image in cineform studio using the protune preset, export to 2.7k cineform AVI, and import into PrE12 where I will apply the stabilizer effect to reduce the jerkyness of my underwater scuba video, then export a 1080p MP4 file.


      My idea was that since the stabilizer effect basically crops the edges of the image to achieve the stabilization I would shoot at higher resolution, on wide FOV rather than medium FOV, and after the stabilizer effect has been applied have a video somewhere between 2.7k (2704x1524) and 1080p (1920x1200).  I could then export this as 1080p having avoided losing the edges of my image (by using wide FOV) and still have full 1080p resolution (by shooting in 2.7k originally).


      I hope that made sense to somebody because I started getting confused myself writing it...


      The problem is that I don't see a project setting for 2.7k video import.  There is one for 4k and one for 1080p but nothing inbetween and I don't see a way to set a custom resolution.  So I'm assuming that using the 4k project settings will result in my video being stretched and losing quality, and that the 1080p settings will defeat the purpose of my goals/ideas as I mentioned above.


      Is there somebody who knows more about this software and can guide me on what I am trying to accomplish?  If that includes investing in some more sophisticated software (premiere pro?) I might be willing to do that.


      Thank you!