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    Particle Systems

      Hi Folks,
      I hope someone can help as I am a bit lost. I am currently working on my final year project. I am using the input from an electric drumkit to manipulate particle systems in lingo. Should I create these particle systems in Max or Director? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,
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          ensamblador Level 1
          director, serach for particle system primitive.
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            keogan Level 1
            Thanks Ensamblador,
            I was hoping to create particle systems with spheres, preferably wireframe and based on the layout of the drumkit. Thus in max I could place emitter objects where each of the drums would be rather than trying to figure out vectopr co-ordinates.
            Do you think I could create these in max, export them with my w3d world, import them into Director and use lingo 3d to manipulate them?
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              James Newton, ACP Level 3
              In Director, the particles emitted are not spheres but square planes which turn automatically to face the camera. You could apply a texture to these planes to simulate a wireframe sphere, but all particles will have the same texture.

              Extrapolating on what you have written, I imagine that you want to create an expanding set of spheres emanating from the point where the drum was struck, to simulate sound waves. If this is the case, then you will create your own custom system using 3D models. To make the models expand over time, you can use the interpolate() command.
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                keogan Level 1
                Thanks Open spark,
                I did map a wireframe sphere texture onto a particle system I created in director and it looks okay. When you said in your reply, that I could create my own custom system using 3d models were you talking about director particle systems?
                I am new to lingo but I am going to look up that interpolate function now. Also, do you know anything about collision spawning? Would it be possible to create new particle from collision events in Lingo? Or am I hoping for too much?
                Keep safe, Ailbhe
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                  James Newton, ACP Level 3
                  Could you explain in detail what you are trying to achieve? Perhaps you could post a sketch or storyboard of what is to appear on the screen in response to the drumkit input.

                  This would help us to point you in the right direction(s) to achieve your goals.
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                    keogan Level 1

                    This is what I am trying to do. First off, I have a modified electirc drumkit that I have rigged up to send isgnals into pd. PD is going to make music with them. Pd is also going to send the signals as numbers into director in order to affect the particle systems. Each drum pad (6) will have a particle system assigned to it and each particle system should be responsive to the velocity with which the drumpad was hit and the actual tempo of the piece. In many respects, the design is being informed by the area of AV instruments.
                    Below is a link to my initial idea but I am not sure if the clouds will allow enough expressiveness. I think i will have to work more in abstract terms. Have a look as it might give you some idea.

                    I am at the beginning of this project so I am open to any suggestions. I just want to insure that whatever appears on screen has good expressive qualities.

                    The wireframe spheres look good at the minute. They look like streams of bubbles coming out from the points of the screen which in turn corresponds with the layout of the drumkit. I hope this helps some. Thanks you so much for taking the time. If you are really interested I can write you up a proper presentation of the project with screen grabs etc.
                    As I have no way to FTP images from the place I am working in. i.e an isolation booth in thre Interactive Design Centre in Limerick, Ireland.