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    Organizer Information Tab not saving consistently with tagged video clips -- how to fix?


      I've been struggling with this problem for over a year now.  Thought I had fixed it by keeping the clip highlighted while I filled out the information and then doing a command "s" to save afterwards but the information is still disappearing randomly.  The main reason why I got this program is for this ability to tag and store information on individual clips.  I do wildlife videography and will often have several clips on the same day of different animals.  For instance -- suppose I get some footage on black-headed grosbeaks which is a type of bird.  It's not enough to simply tag it with the subkeyword tag "black-headed grosbeak."  I have to note what they were doing and where, and that's what I've been using the Information tab for.  But the program is not saving that data consistently and I don't know why.  After I finish the data entry for a day, I'll go back and click on each clip to see if the information is saved and sometimes it is, but then the next day it will be gone.  It is extremely frustrating because it means hours of work down the drain that I must redo.  And then that's no guarantee it will save.  Please help.  Otherwise I'm going to have to trash this whole program and go back to my tedious custom methodology using Final Cut Express.  


      Also, I have to be sure not to have any other programs running on my computer -- not even my browser or email -- or the program will most definitely crash.  It is already slow as it is.  I hope you can recommend a fix.  Thanks.


      computer:  Apple Mac Desktop, dual processor, Intel

      os:  10.6.8 Snow Leopard

      Photoshop and Premiere Elements Version II