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    Assign file types back to CS6 Applications

    SDAgency Level 1

      At this point I had to let go of my CC subscription. I've been waiting on a big contract to get finalized so I could justify renewing the whole suite of apps.


      I left CC on my machine so I wouldn't have to re-download it all if I start it up again in a week or two.


      The problem I am having is on my PC when I try to open a JPG in Adobe Bridge CS6 it opens in the expired Photoshop CC. Bridge CS6 will not allow you to re-assign the file type association with Photoshop CS6. It forces it into Photoshop CC. Same thing with Windows file type associations. I can try to point .JPG to the .exe for Photoshop CS6 all I want, but it automagically replaces it with CC.


      How do it get back control of my machine to tell it to open things in CS6 for now until I can renew CC? I realize you might answer, "just uninstall CC" but should it be that difficult?