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    problem with loader

      I am using flex1.5. As per my requirement, i have to display the different mxmls in same page(that mxmls also will have .as everything). As per the user option slected. For that i am placing one loader and i am dynamically changing my loader source from the action script. I am able to load the pages properly. But, the problem is while i am loading the page, my loaded page not comming fully. my loader is loading the page with scroll bars and some portion of the page is cropped in that. I have tried many options to specify the height and width, but it was giving the same result. Can you give me any idea why my page is loading with with scrollbars!? Other wise is thare any otehr possibility to change the page dynamically!?

      mysample code:
      <mx:GridRow horizontalAlign="left" borderStyle="inset" >
      <mx:GridItem horizontalAlign="left">
      <mx:Loader id="bmiloader" scaleContent="false" showBusyCursor="true" />