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    OT: Change of bootdrive

    UlfLaursen Level 2

      Hi guys


      I write this here, because I got no answer on the Asus forum, and I hope that perhaps any experts here know the answer to my question


      I have tha Asus P9X79 Pro board in one of my PC's with Adobe CC on. I have a hardrive tray where my bootdrive is inside, so that I can change harddrive, according to mu choise of OS / applications. On another PC of mine with an older Asus board, I can just switch harddrive and the PC automatically finds that out, and boots on the system drive installed at the time, but on my machine with the P9X79 Pro board inside, I have to press F8 in post to be able to chose the boot device, which I find a little strange, since the board is much newer that the older one, where it works. It actually works with a windows 8.1 boot disc, but not with windows 7.


      I have upgraded to the latest bios, but no luck there either. The bootdiscs are different size and make, but would this have anything to say?


      Any input would be highly apreciated, since it is a slightly pain in the a** to have to press F8 everytime at boot.





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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In your BIOS, do you have UEFI or "classic" for booting?




          I just bought my wife an "entry level" laptop to keep in the kitchen for recipes, and to be able to boot from a CD to run my disk backup program I have to go into BIOS to switch it to "classic" mode to boot from the CD, and then back to UEFI to boot from the internal hard drive... as you say, a pain

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            UlfLaursen Level 2

            Thanks John - I have UEFI - I guess it could have something to do with that.


            Will try to "surf" the BIOS now for options



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              UlfLaursen Level 2

              Well, finally I found out how to do it.


              Inside the advanced mode under boot options, you can set the priority and boot drive order.


              In there, you set your connector connected to your harddrive caddy to have first priority, and all the other options to "disable". In that way you force it to boot from the same connector (different physicla drive) each time.


              Took a while to figure that out, though



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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Glad you found a solution for your situation... which I don't think would work for someone like me, who sometimes wants to bood from the DVD drive, which is what I do to run my drive backup program off of a Linux boot disc

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                  UlfLaursen Level 2

                  Actually John - I can boot from a CD / DVD too.


                  In the main section of the BIOS, you put in boot device priority, and there I have CD/DVD first and then harddrive second. Then further down in the advanced section, I have configures the harddrive priority section itself, and it is within there that I have only one entry listed, so that it is forced to boot on whatever it recognices on this connector.


                  This means, that if I have a bootable disc in the CD/DVD it will boot on that, and if not on the harddrive. I usually make images from my PC with Acronis Trueimage, and I boot up on a USB stick, but in that case I just press F8 in post to choose bootdevice.