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    Unable to install flash player for Windows 7/IE 10


      I have tried several times to install Adobe Flash Player to my mothers laptop and it will not work.  She originally had flash player installed but needed to update it and could never get it to work so I uninstalled it and now I'm unable to reinstall it.  I thought it might be because she had IE 11, so I changed her browser to IE 10.  When she updated flash player in the past she was given the options of run, save, or cancel.  Now it gives the options of open, save, or cancel.  Clicking on open does nothing, clicking on save and open does nothing.  She has Shockwave downloaded, but when I check "manage add-ons" it has Shockwave ActiveX control but does not have Shockwave Flash Object.  If someone has any solutions to this problem it would be greatly appreciated.