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    Data Flow Between Forms


      Here is the data flow I am trying to accomplish with FormsCentral. I apperciate people's input:


      1. Users will fill out a form, let's call it Form A.

      2. At a later time, I will ask the users to fill another form, let's call it Form B. Form B has many information needed from Form A.


      First question: how can I pre-populate Form B with information fro Form A. The information are users' specific


      3. Users will fill out the pre-populated Form B and have the option to save it to complete it at a later time


      Second Question: can I see saved web forms before submission.


      Thanks in advacned.



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          For your first question, the answer is no. A FormsCentral form cannot load data from a different form. But for your second question, you cannot see saved web forms unless the user of the form sends you the link to their saved form. Hope it helps.