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    I'm trying to burn a clear dvd


      I'm using premiere elements 11 and a 1 yr. old mac desktop. When i burn a dvd it is barely watchable due to blurryness. The videos were shot in hd and playback beautifully on an hd tv hard wired from the cam but turn out blurry when burned to dvd. Also the vids are blurry in the editing window of premiere elements 11 as i edit them. The clips are showing up in the program as mts files if that helps. the cam is a cannon vixia hfg10. Any help appreciated. And by the way i'm a very inexperianced video editor. I have done some editing in imovie which came out well however since loading premiere elements 11 the camera is no longer recognized in i movie.

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          From what I have read of your Canon HF G10, it records 1080p60 with non standard AVCHD.with a .mts file extension.



          Are you converting the camera's output to another fo format (.mov/mpg) before importing into Premiere Elements 11 Mac.

          (Are you using Adobe Premiere Elements 11 Editor from the Mac App Store?)


          And, putting aside the "non standard AVCHD" aspects of the matter, what project preset are you using



          AVCHD 1080p60

          as something else?


          See Edit Menu/Project Settings/General and the readouts for Editing Mode, Timebase, Frame Size, and Pixel Aspect Ratio.


          When you look at the preview in the Edit area monitor, do you see an orange line above the Expert workspace Timeline content? If so, do you get an improvement in what you are seeing in the monitor if you press the Enter key of the computer main keyboard to get the best possible preview?


          Lots of other questions...

          a. Video card up to date?

          b. Computer optimization

          c. other


          But let us start here and then decide what next.