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      Is there a way that let's say the user doesn't touch the flash project for about 9 min and there is a movie clip that plays and when the user touches the mouse or keyboard that the movie clip stops and goes onto frame 1?
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          you can use setInterval() to trigger your movieclip to play and you can use onMouseMove and a key listener to clear that interval and then redefine it.
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            Or you can use a third party tool that does this for your automatically and
            much much more.


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              I'm attempting to do something similar - right now, I have a Flash project whose very last frame contains a call to loadMovie (since the screensaver is actually another .swf).

              Here's my problem: I can use setInterval initially to "start the countdown," so to speak, on when the screensaver should appear. The code is on Frame 1 in a layer called Actions:

              _root.onMouseMove = function (){
              screenIdle = setInterval(startScreenSaver, 1000)

              (startScreenSaver is a function that simply goes to the frame mentioned above and plays it)

              However, once that loadMovie call has been made, if I move the mouse, it doesn't stop the screensaver ... it just continues that movie clip. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the scope here, since it seems that the above code applies only to Frame 1, and not the document as a whole.

              Can anyone offer assistance? Let me know if you need any of this clarified.


              NOTE: The reason I'm not going with a Flash->Screensaver generation tool is because the .swf I want to use as a screensaver dynamically grabs images from a folder and as far as I know, compiling something like that into an .exe will break that functionality.