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    Accessing a FLV from CD

    tommyboy777 Level 1
      I have a training CD that I have created that has a ton of video. With the video embedded the file is 100 MB. I have it set up as a projector (.exe) that auto plays when the CD is loaded. The file is so huge that it takes forever for it to launch and people think there is a problem and they force quit the file. I thought that if I removed the video and accessed it progressively when needed that that would make a smaller projector file and allow it to launch significantly faster. I just upgraded to Flash 8 Pro and was looking for a solution. I have not found information that would explain how to link to the FLVs on the CD. So far everything that I have come across requires a full path name and this might vary depending on what drive letter the CD is. I'm in need of a solution. Please help.