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      This may be an odd question but I figure this would be the best place to put

      I am creating a web site that allows animal rescues and shelter to have
      thier own web sites. I created about a dozen templates and put them into a
      folder for them to choose from.

      When they sign up, I use cfdirectory action=create to create a new folder on
      the web site based on their usename. Then I use cffile to copy over the
      files that they can use for their pages. Effectively creating a new sub web

      However I need to make the each new web site pull the information for that
      specific username. Is it possible to append the index.cfm to include a
      <cfset> variable (probably Application.) equaling their username so the
      database can then populate the site with their information as the user
      navigates it?

      What would be the best option to do this?