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    how do i edit a DVD .VOB video


      I recently had a VHS tape converted to a DVD by Costco.  It is in a .VOB file format.  What is the best way to edit in Premiere Elements vers 12?

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          What exactly do you have on the DVD disc from Costco?


          If you have it as a DVD-VIDEO on DVD which you can insert into the TV DVD Player, the for Premiere Elements 12


          a. But your DVD disc in the burner tray


          b. Open Premiere Elements and set the project preset manually for whichever applies to you

          NTSC DV Standard if 4:3

          NTSC DV Widescreen 16:9


          the PAL equivalent for PAL regions.


          c. Go to Add Media/"DVD Camera or Computer Drive"/Video Importer to rip the VOBs (video files) from the DVD-VIDEO.  The Video Importer then allows you to Save your VOBs to hard drive and/or Add to Timeline of the project hat you just set up with the settings of the project preset.


          Details can be fine tuned when you need them. Example, best way to handle

          • Video Importer Save In field so that you do not get "video already imported" when you have not imported it yet.
          • Any audio out of sync issues
          • Other


          We will be watching for your progress.