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    Saving works makes play back choppy and laggy timeline.

    Tito Mungy

      Please help, Im new to flash and when i have been working on an animation and save the file as an .fla when i open up the file again and play the animation (ctrl + enter) the animation is choppy and slow. also when i scrub the time line the red bar is very laggy and wont keep up with the mouse pointer.


      are there some settings im missing?


      Ive made a scene i want to animate in ilustrator and when i import it into flash and make an animation it runs fine and at correct speed, but the moment i save it and shut flash down and relaunch it the choppy play back and laggy time line happens.


      The illustrator file is made in the latest version (64bit) of illustrator, but i have to save it as CS5 otherwise flash wont load it up and tells me that the illustrator file must be an older version to work.


      Im using cs6, AS 3.0


      many thanks.