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    How to completely remove the excess footage from a trimmed clip?


      I'm sure there is a very basic answer for this, and I'm simply inexperienced.

      I just can't seem to find this exact problem stated anywhere.


      My issue involves time remapping.

      I'm working on a MacBook Pro, using dynamic link between Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC. When I select a single "slice" of a clip I have trimmed down with the razor and open it in AE via direct link, it works well, and I proceed to enable time remapping. All goes as I want it to.


      The issue arises when, immediately, I notice that the start and end key frames are not visible because they are actually placed at both ends of the full clip, NOT my trimmed down version. When I place key frames at the ends of the smaller area I want to work with, I notice that if I want to move those end frames inward, it actually pulls the excess footage from the sides into the work area, which I would expect if I didn't have the comp trimmed to the work area.


      I'm sure this is just ignorance, but I want to be able to work ONLY with the trim I made, and if I want to pull my end keyframes around, I need them to leave blank black space, NOT the rest of the footage. How do I actually chop out the trim so this works the way I want it to?



      Thanks so much in advance. I'm not well versed in the terminology for this program yet and I hope I was able to explain the issue at least halfway clearly.

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          When you enable time remapping, AE automatically creates keyframes at the start and end of the entire clip, regardless of how it's been trimmed (as you already know).


          While there's no way to automatically do what you want, it's an easy manual process.


          Enable Time Remapping.


          Go to the in point of the trimmed clip (press i) and add a keyframe.


          Go to the out point of the trimmed clip (press o) and add a keyframe.


          Use the keyframe arrow buttons in the timeline to step forward to the end-of-layer keyframe.  Even if it's outside the composition time so you can't see it, it can still be (invisibly) navigated to.  Then remove the keyframe by clicking on the remove/add keyframe button between the two arrows.


          Navigate to the start-of-layer keyframe and do the same.


          Now you should have just two keyframes, at the start and end of the trimmed layer.


          Screenshot 2014-03-10 13.16.13.png