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    Add edge file to independently hosted website.


      Hi everyone,

      I created a file in Adobe Edge Animate. I have read other forum help on how to add the file to a website; however, I am having problems figuring out where to upload my .js files and having them be read by the website correctly. My website is hosted through BigCommerce. I have the runtime code in my header file. But i'm unsure what files to add where on my website.

      I tried adding it in the only way I can find help on BigCommerce which is creating panels for the files and a new template file for the specific category page i wanted to add the file to and adding the panels to that category page. The animation didn't show up. When I inspected the page on chrome I received about 12 errors. So I removed them. Now it only have one error and the file still will not show up. I feel like that was way to complicated and that there must be an easier way.

      The page i would like to add them to is http://www.canidstore.com/original-dogtreats/ I want to add the file above the products like a banner. I have copied the "category.html" file and created a new file for this specific page.


      Please help!!!