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    How do I change my credit card details


      Since December 2013 I have been trying to change my credit card details on my subscription.  I have tried everything.  I have cleared my cache.  I have tried multiple browsers.  I have tried multiple browsers on multiple computers.  I have deleted all my cookies.  I have also online chatted THREE times with the Adobe Helpdesk and each time they have said they will esculate the issue and get in touch with me and each time this has not happened.  I have spent far too many hours trying to pay Adobe for their product.  Literally HOURS.  every time i have tried to online chat with a customer service help desk support person it has taken at least an hour of my time.  Each time i clearly articulate what my issue is and they all ask me the same questions in response and then tell me that they will esculate the issue.  Each time weeks go past and I have to try again.


      So basically, no matter what browser, what computer etc EVERY time i try and amend my credit card information i complete the form and click save and the literally nothing happens.  An error does not come up.  The page does not begin loading and then fail.  Nothing processes, nothing changes, nothing happens.  Literally Nothing.  I cannot figure out how further to explain this.  I do not know how else to fix this problem.  Adobe makes it nearly impossible to actually get in touch with someone.  I am trying to do this so i can GIVE THEM MONEY for their product.  This is my last attempt because after this i actually don't know what i can do.  I can't seem to get in touch wtih any one to help me with this issue and i literally do not know what to do after this.


      Any advice?