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    Making a rewind button 1 level down from the root work for a movie clip

      Hi there. I'm a relative newcomer to the wonderful world of actionscripting, and I can't seem to find an answer to this problem by searching for it on the Web. I have a movie that contains two clips: one is a controller movie clip, "reverse", located on the first level, that has 3 frames - the actions stop(); on the first, _root["artworks"].prevFrame(); on the second, and gotoAndPlay(2); on the third. What this is intended to do is play the movie clip "artworks" backwards until a stop(); command is reached in that clip. The clip "artworks" is also located on the first level, and has a button that, when pressed, says: on (release) {_root["reverse"].gotoAndPlay(2); } - this is intended to cause the clip "reverse" to go to the second frame, which should make the clip "artworks" play in reverse. Of course, this isn't working out like I expected it to - it isn't working at all. When the button is pressed, nothing happens. I hope someone out there can let me know what I'm doing wrong, and hopefully what I can do to fix things. Thanks in advance.