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    Auto-analyzer crashes in Premiere Elements 12


      I'm loading a number of home videos to my computer.  I've imported a bunch of DV tapes that were recorded direclty on DV successfully; now I'm importing DV tapes that were originally recorded on 8mm tapes, and were transferred to DV tapes.  As a result, there is no timecode on the tapes to identify scene changes.


      So I'm importing them in the "Expert" mode and have selected to split scenes by content.  It appears that this is done using the Auto-Analyzer.  However, the auto-analyzer never completes its process, it always crashes on these tapes (I'm now 4 crashes on 4 tapes).  The video (one hours' worth) is imported to the computer successfully, but only as one long scene; I don't get any split scenes.


      Any ideas on how to get auto-analyzer to complete successfully, or another way to get split scenes?  System is running Win7, 8GB RAM.


      Thanks in advance.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          I am trying to figure out where you are picking up the "split scene by content" option in the Expert workspace.


          What are you using for Premiere Elements 12 Add Media? DV Camcorder/Capture Window "Split Clips by Scene Content" or some place else?


          The AutoAnalzyer depends on its ability to detect scenes by content, and it may not be able to do that based on the content of the footage. It is not an ideal tool for splitting clips from my point of view.


          Do you have any better results if you do your DV data firewire capture (if that is what you are doing) without splitting clips by scene content in the Capture Window, and instead trimming your clips in the Preview Window with its Set In and Set Out points?





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            jevernham Level 1

            Thanks for the quick response. At the point of import for the DV tape (expert view) there is a checkbox to "Split clip"...once you select that, you can then choose either by timecode or content - I selected content.


            I assumed that the auto-analyzer was running after the import because of those selections.  I tried one more tape after I posted this last night, and the auto-analyzer made it through the entire tape for the first time - HOWEVER it didn't create any scene transitions...it's still all a single clip.


            If I understand your suggestion correctly, the set in/out points is a manual process, right?  I want to automatically detect scene changes (as best as possible) so I don't have to go through hours of tape and set them manually.  I thought that's what the auto-analyzer was doing because of my selections; either it doesn't do that or it's almost useless in detecting them.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Some users have gound that ScenAlyzer Live can do a better job, when Capturing miniDV tape material, than the Capture module in Premiere. It has scene splitting capabilities, and some find that its algorithms work with a broader range of material.


              If you are unable to get your Capture done for those converted tapes, it might be worth investigating ScenAlyzer Live: http://www.scenalyzer.com/ That Capture utility is now free.


              Good luck,



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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Thanks for the follow up.


                Trimming clips in the Premiere Elements Preview Window with its Set In and Set Out points is not an automatic process. So, you do not want it.


                And, the AutoAnalyzer feature is not able to detect scenes in your footage. So where does that leave us?


                No scenes detected....


                1, Have you tried capturing your footage into a program such as Windows Live Movie Maker/Movie Maker or other capturing program to determine if any program can detect and split the scenes in your videos on a consistent basis?


                2. Have you disabled the AutoAnalzyer options in Elements Organizer preferences and then done your DV Capture?

                See Elements Organizer workspace/Edit Menu/Preferences/MediaAnalysis.


                3. Have you completed your DV Capture without Split Scenes and AutoAnalzyer disabled, taken your capture into Project Assets, clicked on Run AutoAnalyzer, and gotten scene detection and scene splitting?


                General Comments


                I do not believe that the AutoAnalzyer was ever intended as a video splitting tool, rather a "Smart Tagger" and might split video clips in the process. Today it is a last resort for those who seek it to split video into scenes according to content AFTER capture/import. Please check out one explanation of the AutoAnalzyer and what it is supposed to be doing.



                In much earlier versions of Premiere Elements, the Premiere Elements Capture Window had a Split Scenes by Timecode or Content option and an AutoAnalzyer option. Most recommended that the AutoAnalzyer option not be used in that case because of numerous problems associated with it use there. So, based on that, I am not sure how the program is programmed to differientiate between Split Scenes by Content and AutoAnalzyer's side effect of trying to split video clips into scenes by content.


                I work with the AutoAnalyzer disable in the Elements Organizer preferences. And, you the feature on an "on demand" basis when needed. I do not do any DV or HDV firewire captures. If I leave the AutoAnalzyer enabled in Elements Organizer preferences, I find my video split into clip and stacked. I do not want that.


                I have not explored capture utilities first hand so I cannot speak to that other than if I did a Google search.


                Please review the above, and please update us on your progress.


                Thank you.