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    mxml layouts / HTTPServices


      I am new to using Flex so I have a few questions that if anyone could answer that would be great!

      As far as I understand it .mxml files are like pages. What I would like to do is have a form on 1 'page' that when the form is submitted and the onclick is called to a HTTPService I would like the results to be displayed in another 'page' as the layout will be different to the original 'page'.

      How can I achieve this?

      Also does anyone have any articles/books etc that I can use to learn about Flex and especially the HTTPServices?

      Many Thanks for your time.

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          ntsiii Level 3
          No, you misunderstand the Flex paradigm almost completely.

          If Flex there are no "pages", no "submits", no refreshes. Still with me?

          Flex is more like a Windows application. It stays alive in the browser, until the user closes the browser. Instead of "pages", think "screens" or "views". When the user performs some action(clicks a menu, button, a tab or a tree item, etc that requires the UI to change, you use one of the navigation containers (like ViewStack or TabNavigator) in Flex to present a different view.

          You call back to the server only when you need data and the data is returned in the background, the UI does not "refresh".

          Look at the sample applications that are installed with Flex Builder.