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    Payment System Unavailable


      I'm trying to sign up for the EDU plan as my trials have run out and I can no longer do some of my class work but whenever I put in all my information and click confirm, this message comes up:


      We're sorry, but we're having trouble processing your order. Please come back and try again later or call us at +1 800-585-0774. If you're not in North America, you can look up a local number here.


      I live in Canada so there's definitely an EDU plan available and so I'm not exactly sure what's going on. I've tried multiple times over a couple days.


      Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 8.58.31 AM.png

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          Gurleen_K JapanEmployeeModerator

          Hi Carolyne_Garbas,


          Sorry for the inconvenience!


          The EDU plan is available for your country. Please try to place the order using some other credit card or contact your bank, as there might be some issue with the payment authorization from your bank.


          Or you may contact Adobe Customer Support/ Chat Support by clicking on the below mentioned link:




          Let us know if this was helpful,



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            Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

            Hi Carolyne_Garbas,


            Welcome to Adobe Forum,


            There are many reasons one can get Payment System Unavailable but it does not help the customer to not see a next actionable step beyond phoning us. This situation has happened to very few customers but again if it is happening to you then it seems like it is happening 100% of the time.


            In such case it will be best to contact Adobe & get the purchase fulfilled. Please contact through http://adobe.ly/yxj0t6.


            Please go through the details of the eligibility prior to purchase.


            Hope it works.