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    All Elements vanished from document randomly

    Bart31253 Level 1

      Hello all,



      I've been working many hours on an animation and now my source file (*.an) is no longer useful.


      I've opened the file this morning to make small, final edits and found a pop up that I made a mistake of clicking without paying much attention to.

      It was a message that I know quite well, the "something changed outside of the document" or whatever. I clicked "OK" (don't think I had a choice there?) and my dokument went all white.


      • All the actions are still there.
      • All images are still in the Library.
      • All files are where they were on my drive (including the .js files)
      • There is a weird, new "Debug" file there but I'm not sure it's relevant to the problem.


      I've tried opening the html file in Animate (as per some other post I found here) but still blank document.


      I can't really share my files with everyone here but I'm happy to do it with one of the staff who might help me out.



      Thanks in advance!