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    Verity Collection Errors in CF9




      We are trying to create verity collections in CF9 and have successfully done so in the past. For some reason we are now getting errors and have not been able to find a resolution. Here are the errors:


      Error E0-0720 (I/O Filter): Could not load filter 'flt_kv -recognize -bifmime' which is named in your style.uni file.


      Warn E2-0527 (Document Index): Document 1 (140128011): Stream error (-2) - SKIPPING


      We can see in the debug info that verity is reading the database because the read record counts seem to be correct. We have played with file permissions, deleted the collections, uninstalled/re-installed Verity, still to no avail.


      Coldfusion 9

      CentOS 6


      Thanks in advance for any help offered.


      Best regards,