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    RH10 and IE11/Google Chrome issues and fixes


      In testing the  RH HTML output, I've had a review comment that there were issues with viewing the online help with IE 11 and also Google Chrome. In searching for possible fixes, I came across a fix for both.


      IE11 issue -- http://helpx.adobe.com/robohelp/kb/robohelp-output-issues-ie-11.html

      Google Chrome issue -- http://helpx.adobe.com/robohelp/kb/webhelp-issues-robohelp-versions-10.html


      The IE11 fix has two files in the fix -- whutils.js and whver.js

      The Google Chrome fix has four files, two of which are the same as in the IE11 fix.


      With issues on both of these platforms, does anyone know if those files will work for both issues?

      If I update whutils.js and whver.js for the IE11 fix, and then update those same files for the Chrome fix, will I still have the IE11 fix??