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    Adobe ANE stageAd is not working in App Store


      I am using com.adobe.ane.stageAd package with starling game I made (GravityEscape - it is an iPad game approved and released in store). Here is my problem, I am trying to show banner ads but they will not work.


      a) In development test ads DID show. I thought everything was fine.

      b) I am approved to use iAd. Contracts enabled, iAd is "live" in the dashboard.

      c) iAd dashboard shows no requests? Why?


      If anybody else has the no requests issue please let me know. I can find no documentation other than the autogenerated stuff here- http://www.adobe.com/devnet-docs/gamingsdk/anedocs/



      Here is my code I am using on app init:


      if( StageBannerAd.isSupported ){

      ad = new StageBannerAd();

      ad.showOnlyIfLoaded = false;

      ad.stage = this.stage;

      ad.addEventListener(StageAdEvent.AD_LOAD_COMPLETE, adLoadStart);

      ad.addEventListener(StageAdEvent.AD_LOAD_FAIL, adLoadEnd);

      trace("iad init");

      } else {

      trace("iad is not supported");


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          Martin Bjeld

          Hi a-r-d.

          I Have the exact same Issue as you.


          Got a Starling game thats using StageAd. Worked fine in the Sandbox ( showing Apples Dummy ads )

          In released version it seem that the Ane doesnt sends any requests for ads.


          I did a little googling, and it seems it also happens for lots of other people who's not using AIR and staling.

          They said that after some time ads just suddenly started to apear.


          Did you find a solution for your problem?


          My implementation:




              _stageBannerAd1 = new StageBannerAd();

              _stageBannerAd1.align = StageAdAlign.BOTTOM;

              _stageBannerAd1.offset = 0;

              _stageBannerAd1.showOnlyIfLoaded = true;

              addAllEventListeners1( _stageBannerAd1 );

              _stageBannerAd1.stage = Starling.current.nativeOverlay.stage; // Flash's Stage -> Not Starling Stage


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            a-r-d Level 1



            I just logged in to iAd dashboard to check and am still showing no requests. So I think nothing has changed.


            I too did some Googling but mostly it looked like they would get requests and then no ad served. To have 0 requests seems to be another issue (e.g. with our code- I should be able to request even if my account is not set up correctly).


            I keep wondering if there is an issue with the ANE? But apparently Adobe has ignored this issue. Very dissapointing...