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    Help! Page numbering with this.numPages "Spawning"

    IamNathan Level 1

      I'm a little confused on what is going on with my page numbering.


      User selects how many pages are to be generated "spawned" via some drop down boxes. Each pages gets numbered and then there is a total number field that gets populated by this code: this.numPages;


      I understand that page number starts out with Page 0 and continues from there. With that being said because users are using Reader "11" I know I cant delete the first page so therefore I have used the following code to reflect the correct number of pages: this.numPages - 1;


      The issue is when all the pages are populated it shows the total number of pages including the page that cant be deleted, ie if the user selects 3 pages to be created there is a total of 4 pages based on the first page not being able to be deleted. The correct total page number isn't being changed until they start inputing data into fields. Any idea on why this might be?


      I have even attempted to add the calculatenow() function without success.


      The total number page is a text box which is named the same on each page.




      Thanks as always for your help.