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    Type tool typing previous character

    koberulz24 Level 1

      Seemingly at random, the type tool will start typing the previous character, instead of the character related to the key I'm actually pressing. For example, I get a few paragraphs into some text, and suddenly I've got the word "theyy'r". Hit the spacebar, and it becomes "theyy're". backspace until I've got "they", hit the apostrophe key, and I get "theyy". Backspace until I've got "the", hit the apostrophe, and I get "they". Then type "re" to get "they'r". Spacebar to get "they're". First letter of the next word to make the space appear. And so on. Which is quite annoying enough, but it also shifts hyphenation by a character, so I end up with "m-omentum" and "pla-yoff". What on earth is going on?