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    hyperlinks don't stay interactive


      Am using InDesign 6.  Trying to create interactive pictorial Table of Contents and cannot and have set up text hyperlinks to the items in the TOC and text anchor/destination hyperlinks to the location within the document.   I set up all the hyperlinks - but then needed to make edits to several items.


      Now none of the edited hyperlinks work when the document is pdf'ed (as interactive .pdf). I have tried cutting and pasting text boxes, re-typing text boxes and even copything all the text boxes from a different document into my current document. When I click on  new text box to create the link - the "New Hyperlink" option is greyed out. Any ideas??? Thank you

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          Doc Maik Level 4

          Hyperlinks inside an ID document are based on text anchors or cross references. When placing text anchors, then putting a hyperlink to it and then editing the text position of the text anchor again can make you accidentally erase the text anchor and thus break the hyperlink. So it seems by "needed to make edits to several items" you either altered or deleted the hyperlink target.

          The hyperlink pane tells you which hyperlinks are broken.