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      I am working with a company that uses Livelink to manage its documentation. I am unfamiliar with Livelink and the Knowledge Manager here is very reluctant to use RoboHelp because it is not “Livelink friendly”. For instance, he wants to have RoboHelp point to a common css file and he is concerned that the contents of a RoboHelp project cannot be searched within the Livelink application. I have provided responses to both of these concerns, but thought I would ask the RoboHelp community (you) for feedback. Have any of you used Livelink and RoboHelp? What limitations/benefits have you encountered? Any input you can provide would be appreciated.

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          I am in a similar situation at my job, The company uses LiveLink and believes it to be the end all be all of document management. Maybe on the back end but for users, NO WAY! I have not made any attmepts to "point" to object id's or anything of that sort in LiveLink from RoboHelp but would be glad to hear what your responses were there.

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            For some ungodly reason, many IT folks get all caught up in CMS, expecting to use it as the basis for builds for both the app and the doc set. They expect to be able to create this nice package with one sweep of the command line, and Voila!

            Livelink and ClearCase, I believe, inhabit the lower reaches of CMS-dom, whereas MS SourceSafe is at the top. I wouldn't use anything with RH but SourceSafe; thus I continue to resist jumping onto the Perforce wagon here at my site.

            Two things if you're forced to join in:

            1) These products are called "source control" apps for good reason: they should NOT be used for your help output files.

            2) You should not include the HHP, CPD, PSS, and LDB files in source control--something to do with databases and local machine settings, I think. Problems might only surface if there will be multiple users for the same project. I don't remember where I got that info, but it seemed important enough for me to write it on my whiteboard!

            Good luck,