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    Code U 41 M 1 C 212


      I need help by code U 41 M 1 C 212 aktualisierung premiers elements 11

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          What are you doing in Premiere Elements 11? And on what computer operating system is the program running?


          Are you trying to download updates for Premiere Elements 11 via the program's Help Menu/Updates. I suspect that is the

          case since this U41M1C212 error has been long associated with Premiere Elements Update online download failures.


          First, there are no updates for Premiere Elements 11 other than those for Camera Raw which probably stopped for version 11 with Camera Raw version 7.4.

          Please read my blog post on this matter if you are interested in getting your Premiere Elements 11 Camera Raw version to 8.1 or 8.2.



          Now in order to get Help Menu/Updates to work even just to get a message "no updates available", you might explore this idea.

          Assuming your Premiere Elements 11 is running on Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit.


          Go to Control Panel and the Device Manager.

          In the Device Manager, go to Network Adapters.

          Open the Network Adapters category and look for Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter. If found, then.

          Right click the Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter and select disable.


          After you are finished with the Help Menu/Update, you can enable this Adapter if you want to.


          Please let us know if that worked for you.