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    Want to get community help before uninstalling CF11 Beta

    Aegis Kleais Level 3

      OK, so, I know it's Beta, and there just may be a bug to this, but ever since I installed it, no matter whether I was running HTML or CFML without an application.cfc (and even with one where my application/session timeouts were set to 2 hours), I have this issue where if I do not perform any activity for about 5 minutes, the next time I reload the page, I have to wait what seems like the initial 10+ seconds you do the first time you fire off making a request to the CF server when you boot the PC (ie, it acts as if the service is stopped).  My services are currently:


      ColdFusion Splendor Beta .NET Service (Stopped / Manual)

      ColdFusion Splendor Beta Add-on Service (Stopped / Manual)

      ColdFusion Splendor Beta Application Server (Started / Automatic)

      ColdFusion Splendor Beta ODBC Agent (Stopped / Automatic)

      ColdFusion Splendor BEta ODBC Server (Stopped / Automatic)


      If anyone has some suggestions, I'm glad to try them out. I've been going over a refresher course on jQuery, and reading some, writing code, and refreshing to a 10+ second wait has finally put me over the edge with impatience.  If I cannot find a resolve for this, I'm just going to uninstall ACF and probably stick with a commitment to Railo.


      My appreciation to any who assist.