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    The Infinite Stages of Kuler Addiction

    CBukley Level 1
      WARNING: More Mindless Chatter

      The people aspect of kuler has been as interesting to me as the color/design aspect. I found myself going through phases of the addiction and noticed others seeming to follow a similar track.

      • Heard about a new color tool. Check out tool's usefulness for design projects. Discover that it has some challenges, but can be extremely useful, especially if the tool becomes a service to drive other other more task specific tools. Cool. Fun to play with, too.
      • Fun to play with, too.
      • I could use this for home decorating.
      • Fun to play with, too.
      • And mosaic work.
      • Great for stress reduction or when a co-worker is boring you and on the other side of the monitor.
      • Why are THOSE popular? This ratings system is totally useless. Stars are meaningless. Pfff.
      • Hey, I got stars. Cool. I rock. You want me baby, I know you do.
      • I like that guys themes. He's creative. Wow. Wish I could do that. It does look like cheesecake...
      • I wonder if I could capture the colors in that vase. I love the way that red and blue work with each other. Does that red have more blue or yellow. Hmmm. Definitely yellow. When I get home I'll try to nail it in a theme. Forever captured in kuler.
      • Fun to play with, too.
      • Needs more yellow...no, no...too much...more blue...woah. This isn't working. Twenty minutes is enough. Save for later.
      • Fruit colors
      • Food colors
      • Great party. I have to remember the colors in that guy's shirt. What was his name? Don't remember, but I'm pretty sure that green was almost brown...
      • Shade variations
      • Why did I come here in the first place? Oh yeah. Useful for my work. Inspirational. Back to work.
      • Wish there was better organization and filtering on kuler.
      • Too much to sort through. Can't get through the lists. Same old colors. Wish there was better organization and filtering on kuler.
      • I'm spending too much time on this. Enough.
      • Oh, I have it! More green. Definitely more green.
      • Sun. Sky. Sea.
      • HEY THAT'S MY THEME! Rat bast...
      • Nature, nature, nature.
      • Great art.
      • Moods. People.
      • Bored with nice. Need edge. Create more exotic, less pleasant themes.
      • Neutrals.
      • Why did I think that was any good? Delete....no...save for later. Fresh eyes.
      • Oh, just trash it. Total uggo.
      • Different. I need something different.
      • Are these themes actually useable? Get back to useful themes. Less edge, more contrast for text and background.
      • Cool. Love what she did there. Let me play around with that concept. I bet it would work in the orange range.
      • I think I've done those themes before. I'm in a rut. I'm too young to be in a rut.
      • YES! Now that's just IT. Got to follow that person's stuff. Wish there was a favorite designer function.
      • Argh. Fought with a friend. Thinking too much about it. Need a mind wipe. Colors. Pretty colors.
      • Why is THAT theme popular and THAT theme ignored. Totally must be a visibility problem. Wretched ratings lists. Not useful. Poor theme. You deserve so much better. This makes no sense. Why am I here?
      • These four might work for this project with a little tweaking. Such a useful tool.
      • Seen it. Seen it. Seen it. Been there. Done that. Yawn.
      • Time to get back to work. Wish there was better organization and filtering on kuler.
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          PepperdSunlight Level 1


          You nailed that one!
          (wait, I think I've said that about a theme...)

          Caro, you are absolutely right. I have been through the stages of Kuler.

          Where does Kuler talk fit in the cycle??

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            CBukley Level 1
            You mean, is it the analogous cigarette?
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              Yep, yep and yep. Ohhhh man, this is what my life has come to– becoming a color junkie. I think that you've just captured what it is to be highly creative– despite the subject. I emphasize this, because some people just have a poor idea of what occurs through the creative process– especially, how to relate to it. You've captured this beautifully: The vicious cycles, life lessons, growth, stalemate, adversity, competition, disappointment, failure, ego, refinement, experience, success.

              Has anyone encountered a conversation with a non-creative about Kuler? I think that everyone is creative, perhaps not everyone is on an equal playing field. Anyway, have they looked at you like a deer in the headlights? You explain the endless possibilities about color and about Kuler's applicability for creative projects until you becomee blue, er maybe more of a shade of cobalt, in the face. Still no affect. I was pretty color ignorant not too long ago, so I can relate to their disinterest... but, it's at that point that I realize that maybe I've become a little too obsessed about it. A simple topic with infinite possibilities. How would you explain it?

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                I have been through all those stages and I have only been on since yesterday. I knew I was going to get addicted as soon as I saw it. lol

                I really do think it mostly serves as a motivational and inspirational tool for all of us, I have already found dozens of sets that have inspired me to do colors I have never even thought of...

                So thanks all for your creative vision! :)

                So many colors so little time.
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                  CBukley Level 1
                  Really laughed at your message, Matt. In the early days (you know--a few months ago) I was tickled (that's girl talk for "delighted") when one of my themes was briefly in the number 1 position (FLASH and gone). I showed my husband and he gave me THAT look. The look you described. The look that said "my wife is a five-year-old who's just picked five crayons from a box, lined them up, and showed them to me with pride. What to say, what to say....?"


                  I do love the possibilities. Love the live color feature tied in with kuler. Can't wait for them to use it to drive CSS theme colors. How long, oh lord, must we wait...

                  Wendy, I think kuler talk for me is a few things. 1) A chance to give the adobe folks a feel for the user experience of the web tool. 2) A move away from the individual comments. It's too hard to have a conversation on a million different mini threads. 3) A chance to relate to other folks who are enjoy the funky experience of kuler.

                  And Srta. Pinta, welcome to the fun. Glad to see more faithful addicts join in the conversation.
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                    matthepworth Level 1
                    Fo real, Caro... I get the blank stare of death way too often. It's great to know that I'm not the only addict out there that's made it a way of life for the past 5 (or so)months. I've now decided that it's probably best to only associate with other creatives on the topic in order to save face... unless of course, I come across someone talking art, painting a house, buying a car, whatever it is... there's my cue to throw out a salespitch... "ever heard of Kul..."

                    You said it, Srta. Pinta, "so many colors, so little time." For now, it's time to apply some of the stuff that Kuler's provided... be in touch y'all...
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                      Boyd Wiebe Level 1
                      Hey Caro,
                      Did you print out a screen shot of that number one position? When they were still using the old rating system (back in the day) I managed a one and two consecutively and my wife said, as she stared at me with that 'look',"print it out, I have no clue what it's for but you should print it." So I did, I don't have it framed (how sick is that) yet, but who knows. Maybe when I'm really, really old.

                      btw your creative writing skills rival your talent for color themes!

                      Matt, it sounds like you're under the gun, hopefully you'll share bits and pieces of your talent with us from time to time. For me every minute I spend has to be made up somewhere else (mouths to feed and all that). Thankfully I get to bill out a lot of my kuler time! :)

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                        Srta._Pinta Level 1
                        Thank you for having me! :)

                        I cannot have a normal conversation anymore without focusing on the colors they're wearing. Lol
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                          OK. I admit. I am addicted. :) First, thank you to everyone who has been so kind and forthcoming with their praise, I REALLY do appreciate it. It's hard to know if I am on the right track sometimes. I hope that the themes I've done are useful, and that you all might be able to make beautiful things from them. :)

                          So where is the "Oh crap, I just did a theme that looks just like that one! I swear I didn't copy it! Really! Maybe I should just remove it so I don't get judged a plagiarist" or "Damn, that theme I did just sucks, but a few people have downloaded it. I wonder if anyone will notice if I chuck it and start over?"

                          Anyway, thanks again for the inspiration and encouragement. I will keep on keeping on, and hope that you all do the same.

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                            matthepworth Level 1
                            Sheldon, cool of ya to chime in... I know exactly what you mean by hoping to produce useful themes. I'm at a point where I've kinda exhausted myself, but you've made me realize (again) about the endless possibilities of color. Thanks to Caro, others alike have shared similar thoughts– check out her thread, "My Happy Little Colors." I'll bet that you leave tickled pink... eh, that theme hasn't been done yet!... ahhh, inspiration's creeping back...

                            Anyway, your city themes are very, very cool! I hope that you're just scratching the surface. Traveling is one of my passions, so I feel that they speak volumes to me... reminds me of dodging metro crowds, a plastered mess of fashion ads and flashy futbol icons, inspecting every inch of new surroundings, language, culture, cuisine... ahhhh. Edgy stuff... hope that you feed the Kuler bug...

                            Boyd! I'm a pain in the arse for addressing your previous post in Caro's "... Happy Colors..." thread, while neglecting to do so here... so– just now getting back to you with a similar sentiment. I'm always looking out for your themes... they've come in handy with a few projects, as you've also inspired me to be more diverse when experimenting with neutral color themes...

                            OK, I'm sure I'll have a random thought some other day... back to life...
                            – MH
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                              CBukley Level 1
                              Okay, at long last I'm chiming back in.

                              Boyd, I didn't get the snapshot of my brief summiting of the kulerdome. Can't figure out why your wife didn't suggest it to me. Shame on her for playing favorites. Thanks for the kind comment on my creative writing. I translated that to "wow, you sure talk a lot." ;-)

                              SrtaPinta, you are very welcome for the welcome. Come one, come all. (Well, maybe not *that* guy over there...)

                              Tope aka Sheldon, I left TONS out, but figured I had really gone on quite long enough. I don't think I even mentioned the Fleshtone Period or the Cosmetic Period in the development phase cycles. Incidentally, I totally identified with the new ones you listed.

                              Am I the only one who is reminded of my five year-old self sitting down happily with a bunch of pals, our big box of crayolas, and a fresh coloring book? The mood here seems so similar to those happy days.

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                                baggypud Level 1
                                One great thing that can happen and encourage a user to return is when someone comments on a colour scheme you have created - also it is very satisfying when you see someone has downloaded a colour swatch that you created - 5 people have downloaded one of mine. It's a nice feeling.
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                                  baggypud Level 1
                                  Its like being an alchoholic in some ways. I just dont tell anyone i use it :)
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                                    CBukley Level 1
                                    Pud! Welcome, welcome new addict.

                                    Congratulations on the downloads. Yes, we have all been snagged by the 'attaboys. Do you go by the ID "baggypud" in kuler? I couldn't find your themes.
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                                      PepperdSunlight Level 1
                                      I was addicted to Kuler right from the start... back in November I think it was...

                                      I made lots of themes in a matter of just a few days. But Kuler had lots of bugs in the beginning, and before long, I got kinda frustrated with it. I decided to leave Kuler alone for a bit and check back periodically for updates and fixes.

                                      So, I stayed away for a while... about a whole month and a half, I think it was. When I came back around, one of my old themes was on the first page of both the highest rated and most popular. If it ever hit the #1 spot on either page, I missed it.

                                      Nevertheless, seeing that one of my color themes was kinda popular and that lots of folks had commented on it surely helped to get me addicted all over again (is that an 'attaboy?). Add to that, a new version of Kuler had been released while I was away and the colors I created no longer randomly changed on their own... I'm a hopeless case now... Kuler addict v2.0

                                      Caro, have you done "Tickled Pink" yet? I keep looking for it...
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                                        CBukley Level 1

                                        Caro, have you done "Tickled Pink" yet? I keep looking for it...

                                        As you wish....