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    Best practices for including CSS on publishing


      In order to have completely self-contained project folders, I have css in my project folder.   I don't understand why you can include .js Scripts, and have them publish automatically yet you can't do the same for css scripts.  This is truly baffling since css is at least as fundamental to an html project as js.


      What I want is to be able to include a .css file in my project, so that when the project is published, the css file gets copied into the published folder along with the images and js.  There's really no reason why images and js should be copied but not css.  Also, this would include saving as a template.

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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Right now you can load css files with yepnope. I think Sarah or Elaine said something about possible interference between css files and Animate. You  might want to search the forum for that subject.

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            james.m Level 1

            Well the problem is not loading the CSS files.  That can easily be done.  The problem is using the local css file, and having that file COPIED to the publish folder.  This is important because....


            If you edit an image, the image will get copied on publish

            If you edit a locally included .js file, the local verson will get copied on publish

            If you make any edit to the project, the edits will show up in the published files.

            If you make an edit to a local css file, it WILL NOT be copied on publish.


            So if you have several existing example projects, and you open one up, make some changes and publish it to a new location, everything will be there EXCEPT the css.  That is very odd behavior for an html5 creation app.


            If there is possible interferance, that all the more reason to have Edge adding css to projects, so it can notice such interferances.