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    Render times: CS6 vs CS 5.5


      I'm working on a project that relies on expressions: the card wipe pixel storm, a fade in fade out expression and text animation using expression selectors (amortype).


      My computer is not a current speed demon, nor is it a slug: a MacPro 12 core with 64GB of RAM.


      All media, boot, cache and render drives are SSD's. The project has a few images total under 6 MB and a rendered uncompressed QT as a background layer.


      FWIW the OS is 10.8.5.


      With MP set to use 12 cores with 3GB per core CS5.5 renders the 22 second 1280x720 Comp in 3 Min 29 seconds.


      Identical settings in CS6 render in 29 Min 4 secs.


      Are expressions really to blame for render speeds that are nearly 10 x longer in CS6?


      CS5.5 = version


      CS6 = version 11.0.4

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Turn off the cache stuff.



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            ECUADMOGRAPH Level 1

            Thank you for the reply Mylenium.


            I emptied and disabled all caches in CS6 and the render speed did improve, but not much.


            Just finished rendering the same Comp and the render time is now 27 Min 0 sec, an improvement of 2 Min 4 sec but still more than 8 x longer than CS5.5.


            So my question stands. I've read elsewhere that expressions aren't processed well in CS6 and CC, could this be the reason for the dramatic discrepancy in render times?

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              There are any numbers of issues with temporal expressions due to the cache stuff, but normal linear math expressions should evaluate properly. anyway, you would have to provide the project to verify that. also check for otehr things like specific footage types that may not work the same across versions. E.g. the MFX loaders pretty much got updated in every version of AE, not always for the better...



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                ECUADMOGRAPH Level 1

                There are 2 temporal expressions in the Comp, the fade out is applied to 2 layers, the text expression selector to 1 layer.


                The video BG is an uncompressed render from After Effects using the Animation Codec, its 1.3 GB, 3 smaller rendered Animation Codec QT's total 180 MB. All other layers are .psd files (total < 10MB per comp), and 6 shape layers.


                As an experiment I converted all expressions to keyframes – though the AmorType did not convert properly.


                CS6 rendered the file in 2 min 16 sec more than 10x faster than with expressions. 


                I'll continue to experiment to determine which expression(s) cause the glacial render slowdown.


                Many thanks for your input.

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                  ECUADMOGRAPH Level 1

                  Its entirely due to AmorType.


                  Replicating the animation using keyframes reduces the render time to just over 2 Minutes.


                  Still, this is a CS6 issue since CS5.5 doesn't have the problem. It may be more than just the cache settings since I disabled these during the experiments I conducted.