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    Adobe Premiere Pro crashes @ start screen



      I just moved to a new MacPro and am trying to use Premiere Pro CC - it used to work just fine on my old Macbook Pro (OSX 10.9.2), but crashes at the start on my new machine.


      I checked the blogs and there were 2 or 3 suggestions - (a) checking for file permissions (b) re-installing etc. (c) removing the profile etc. - I have tried all those, but still the same issue.

      Can anybody help please?


      As an FYI, here are the first few lines in the bug report


      Process:         Adobe Premiere Pro CC [4534]

      Path:            /Applications/Adobe Premiere Pro CC/Adobe Premiere Pro CC.app/Contents/MacOS/Adobe Premiere Pro CC

      Identifier:      com.adobe.AdobePremierePro

      Version:         7.2.1 (7.2.1)

      Code Type:       X86-64 (Native)

      Parent Process:  launchd [172]

      Responsible:     Adobe Premiere Pro CC [4534]

      User ID:         502



      Date/Time:       2014-03-10 13:09:44.461 -0700

      OS Version:      Mac OS X 10.9.2 (13C64)

      Report Version:  11

      Anonymous UUID:  E7B46636-43BC-8D3A-5C7B-863CFD3C8E50



      Sleep/Wake UUID: 536400D9-D2F7-4138-9A99-948A9CE0B3AC



      Crashed Thread:  0  Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread



      Exception Type:  EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)

      Exception Codes: EXC_I386_GPFLT