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    Avoid pressing save button while conversion

      Hi All,

      I am using FlashPaper at my work. I need a help from you all , to convert the files to .swf or .pdf is there any possibility to convert directly except the following possibilities.

      1) using ant for batch of files dir conversion
      2) using the word and print option , disadv: every time the document to be converted is openning in flashpaper and we have save then.
      3) the other possibility is we can convert the files using the FlashPaper option which will be in word or ppt etc so that after pressing save button it wll convert, here also we have the disadv that we cannot use this since everytime we have to press save.
      4) another possibility is by right-click on the doc and say convert to .swf or .pdf then flashpaper will show you an filedialog where you have to give the filename and press save.

      these are the posibilities to convert to .swf or .pdf files but we cannot use these conversion are there any other possibility to convertion please let me.

      Its really important for me.