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    PDF Bookmark works on 1st click only :(


      Hi all:


      I've gotten links to PDFs in my RoboHelp project to work, but have one problem that I cannot seem to solve.  This issue happens with IE and Chrome (have not tried Safari) but not with FireFox.  The first time I click a PDF link from my WebHelp project (yes, it's posted on a server), the help link works fine. The PDF opens to the named destination.  Subsequent links to different destinations in the same PDF, however, update the browser with the proper URL but the PDF does not change to the new location. 





      Displays the PDF opened to the page tagged with cdmasi


      then click this:

      Page seems to be loading but...

      URL status bar shows the above URL, but the PDF has remained on the ASI topic (Chrome) or a blank page displays.


      Click the URL bar and refresh to load the link

      The PDF moves to the correct topic.



      This behavior is the same whether i use foo.pdf#nameddest=string  or foo.pdf#string


      Again, if I use FireFox, the pages load great. In IE/Chrome, not.



      IE 11.0.9600.16428

      Chrome 33.0.1750.146

      Firefox 27.01


      Windows 7

      RoboHelp 10

      Acrobat Pro X

      Acrobat Read 10.1.9


      I am pretty sure this is not a security thing or the first instance would fail. Also, it's not a Mark of the Web thing; we dont have that enabled for the project.


      Am I missing something obvious about forcing a refetch of the PDF?