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    Two instances of HTML RH Running at once

    CTM Dan Level 1
      Hi folks,

      Should I stay free from the practice of using two instances of RH X5 to work simultaneously on two distinct HTML RH projects for fear of creating unpredictable problems in one of them or both?

      These two HTML RH projects are in different folders, have different names and produce .chm output with different names also. I said two different projects because I wanted to emphasize that from RH's perspective their can be no confusion as to what belongs to one project and what belongs to the other. The reason I want to do this is that it makes it easier for me to control those topics that are or are not included in both projects...

      Before I close, I want to congratulate and thank the users of this forum for the high quality of their answers and for the dedication of several key members in providing hints, insights, answers and comments that are focused on resolving problems, and doing so with a pleasant tone and a generally good sense of humor.