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    Google vendor ID authorization and reset device limits

    Leon Chau



      I recently purchased a book on Google Play.  So I attempted to download ADE and transfer the book to my Kobo Mini eReader. I tried to authorize my devices and computer using Google. The first problem is that when I selected Google as an ebook vendor, I use my Google details to login, but it says that my information is not correct. I know that my Google ID and password are correct because just a moment ago, I used them to login to my gmail. This seems to happen to some people on here as well. Is there any fix for this at all?


      The second problem is that after many times attempting to authorize both computers and kobo and failed, I reset my computer (I was using my university's computer and it runs on virtual machine). When I got the computer rebooted, I downloaded ADE and started the process again. But this time, when I opened the .acsm file from ADE, it said that my device limit is reached. I assume that this happen because I was on my university's computer and it uses virtual machine so everytime it reboots, it becomes a completely-new-and-different-computer (since there are a lot of students at my uni and each student has a unique log in details; everytime the computer reboots, it completely wipes out all of the information from the previous use, including installation, etc.). So I guess ADE treated my computer as a new device, hence the device limit reached. So my question is, how can I reset my device limits (I got this suggestion from google play support that to contact adobe for a device limit reset, that's why I post the question here.)


      Thank you.