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    use "shape builder tool" on "boated polygon" FAILED!


      http://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/create-a-traditional-russian-khokhloma-ornament-in-il lustrator--vector-24052


      i am trying this tut, but i can't do part 2 step9.


      First i can't do "shape builder tool" while select both the under shape and the cap.


      Second if i create another shape then do the "shape builder tool", the left cap is another "boated polygon" as the picture i attached. I guess the boat effect applied to the new polygon shape again.



      How can i avoid this automatical-shape-change thing?


      ALSO, i tried on other shapes too. I use effects on one shape, then i cut or delete part of it, i can't get the rest shape as i wished. Coz the rest part got the effect again and became a new one. For example i can't get a half flower when i use boat effect on a polygon shape, coz the rest half just became a new strange flower.


      Is there anything i did wrong????


      need your helps!!! PLEASE!!!!

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          tromboniator Adobe Community Professional

          The problem is not what you did wrong, but that the instructions are incomplete, a common problem with online tutorials.


          After applying the Bloat effect, go to Object > Expand appearance. Then you can select the two shapes and delete the unwanted part with the Shape Builder Tool. Select the new cap shape, duplicate, recolor, scale, move. Select both cap shapes, create blend as I think you did earlier in the tutorial.