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    Email Notifications


      Can I set the PDF to send the email notifications to an additional person based off of who is selected.


      I already have the form configured to send it to me and the originator based off a Your Email Field however I would like to be able to add a third recipent which would change based off who is selected from a drop down or manually entered.

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          Wenlan_Du Level 2



          You may add a thrid person to your form to receive email notifications. Please check out this document on how to share your document and add others to receive email notifications: http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-1424.




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            Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



            I take it you want that third email set on the fly per submission, I wasn't sure in your description if the "originator" meant the form filler or the original author, if you were only using Notifications then Reciepts might work for you, if you were already using the Email Reciept then there isn't another "on the fly" Notification.


            You can set up:


            Email Notifications - this can be multiple email addresses which you can add on the Email Notifications tab, you have to define all of those email addresses and they all need to have FormsCentral accounts as the form is shared with them when they are added to the Notifications.  The group you set up for Notifications will all get them for each submission, it would not change based on any input in the form.


            Email Receipts - this can be sent to one email address which is an input field the user fills out in the form.  For this it can only be sent to one user, but is set by the form filler, not from a dropdown, but from an Email field in the form.