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    Need Accordion help Please!!


      Hi very very new to Dreamweaver, Html, code or anything to do with website building.  Bought a prexisting website and have had to fix lots of things with it.  But I cannot figure out ohow to make the accordian code work.  Here it is.  Thanks


      <section class="faq-wrapper span6">



                                    <h1 class="faq-heading">



                                              Frequently asked questions






                                    <ul class="accordion-wrap">



                                              <li class="green-border">



                                                        <a href="#" class="accordion-head">What is SEO?</a>



                                                        <div class="accordion-content">



                                                                  <p>SEO is a series of technical marketing techniques used to improve a web site's rankings in search engines like Google. Identifying good keywords, developing quality links, code validation and content markup are central to SEO.</p>