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    How do I pick up where I left off when motion tracking?

    BlackenedRapture Level 1

      I'm sure this has a simple answer, I just don't know it.


      I'm using a Macbook Pro with After Effects CC.


      I am motion tracking with a single point. The footage is full of motion, so I wanted to track every few seconds, add the edits I want (parenting a little mask to the motion with a null object, things like that), and then pick up where I left off with the tracking and move forward through the next few seconds of motion.


      I tracked the first section I want, then stopped the tracker and made my edits. When I was finished and wanted to analyze forward again, I couldn't find a way to pick up where I stopped tracking. Clicking the "track motion" button again seemed to erase my previous work, as if it thought I wanted to RE-track the motion instead of CONTINUE tracking the motion.


      How to I simply continue analyzing forward where I left off? Can this not be done? I'm really hoping I don't have to track the entire clip before making my adjusments.


      Thank you very much in advance. I don't know the program well yet, and I appreciate your help.