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    Text Dependent on Combobox


      I have what I know is a simple task, but that is proving difficult due to my near complete lack of Java skills. I have a combobox on the title page of a document and would like another field to be dependent on the combobox. Specifically, the combobox on the first page shows an entity's legal name, and I'd like a combobox on a subsequent page to show the entity's legal name in addition to a defined name. For example, title page combobox selection choices: Company, Inc. and Company SarL. I'd like a dependent field a few pages later that shows 'Company Inc. ("Company US")' when 'Company Inc.' is selected in the combobox and 'Company SarL ("Company France")' when 'Company SarL' is selected in the combobox. There are about 10 options in total.


      Thanks in advance!