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    My install of Adobe Creative Cloud is significantly slowing down internet.

    kimberlyibourne Level 1

      I recently did an entire wipe of my computer to start clean because I was having severe issues with the internet (typing delay and video playback).  I was very careful as I reinstalled anything to make sure that it wasn't the item causing any issues.  Things seemed to be fine until I installed Adobe Acrobat Professional via Creative Cloud and then all heck broke loose on my computer yet again.  Things were extremely slow updating when typing and causing major issues and video playback was horrible.  I haven't been able to update or get into the Creative Cloud app.  However, when I quit the app from my toolbar (macintosh) I was able to get my computer to work normally again.


      Please advise on how to solve this problem.  It is causing severe delays in my work as a graphic artist.

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