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    responsive scaling (width) control by code




      New cool feature in EA3 -  responsive scaling. I'm using only responsive scaling width - it's really cool look for long paralax page.



      Edge Common parallax - do not work correct(((. Timeline annimation and scrolling not synchro(((



      How to control responsive scaling by code? any idea how to get scaling factor?


      May you know how to patch Edge Common parallax scrolling to work with EA responsive scaling?




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          miguelivanov Level 1

          I make a short investigation:


          here is code fragment from Edge Common parallax:


                      function scrollVertical(){

                                      $.each( EC.Parallax.compositions, function(compId, c) {

                                    // Calculate new playhead position

                                    var percentage = scrollPos / ( c.stageHeight - $(window).height() );

                                    var playheadPos = Math.floor( percentage * c.duration );

                                    c.stage.stop( playheadPos );





          how i can update 'c.stageHeight' var during resize?